Passionate about one thing... Your incredible Intimacy & Pleasure.

My mission on this planet is to help men & women experience incredible pleasure, intimacy and incredible freedom

Are you yearning to experience the most delicious love life possible? 

Ready to discover the ecstatic bliss and deep wisdom of Tantra & Hara work? Are you so ready to attract or sustain a lasting and passionate relationship? Ready to experience Your most epic and magical pleasure?  Ready to release sexual dysfunction that has prevented you from having an epic sex life?

You're in the right place

How I Help You (2)

Move into incredible Pleasure

Over the last 14 years I have become trained and experienced in helping individuals and couples move out of their limiting thought processes through the help of working with the Unconscious Mind, The Body & The Brain.

All the methods I have training and experience in brings balance, safety and empowerment to my clients.

I believe in a holistic approach, and believe that Somatic and Cognitive work along with working with Your Unconscious Mind is the answer to incredible experiences. And my clients will tell You the same thing. 

Many Sexual difficulties can be resolved in as little as one session and it doesn't always require invasive methods to resolve the root causes either. 


Intimacy issues for each individual has a different root cause, and these symptoms are created by our brain to keep us safe and secure. The brain's number one job, is self preservation. 

It has to keep you safe at all costs and that is why it will create various symptoms. 

Since intimacy is a very touchy subject You will find a lot of people have issues in this department. But due to shame few ever seek help or get caught up with methods that don't help them in any way. 

I have an incredible passion and that is to help restore Your ability to experience tremendous pleasure and intimacy.

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Anchoring safety in Your nervous system allows You to truly thrive intimately, financially and health wise. Safety is critical to a healthy and well integrated individual.


This is created through healing old wounding (Many times content free), and using Your Orgasmic Energy to signal that You are indeed safe and secure and You can then step into THRIVING.

Thriving awakens your creativity, intuition and your inspiration and your empowerment means that you're more confident, happy and magnetic.

Imagine what it would be like when You and Your partner finally have a deeply connected relationship. How would it impact You positively? Imagine what it would be like when You have extraordinary relationships and mind-blowing sex, connection and intimacy.

Imagine how your life would be better.


Ready to explore and experience the mind blowing magic that is inside of your body and your sexuality while experiencing deep Joy and playfulness? 

You've come to the right place! 

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Who am I?

I am Maryke Blom, and I am a Psychosexual Dysfunction Specialist that loves playing with the brain to help the body experience pleasure. 

The brain is the go to place to help Your body experience incredible pleasure! And I help you achieve that through special methods that allows us to create new neuralpathways of pleasure through the activation of the pleasure centers. 

For the last 14 years I've dedicated my life to learn about the human mind and body, human behaviour and trauma and how to help myself and other's experience incredible pleasure and helping them with performance enhancement in various areas of their lives. 

Believe me when I tell you that your libido for life is completely attached to your sexual libido. They go hand in hand and you cannot separate them. And this is why when someone has worked with me, they start to find their libido for various things in their life. 


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